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UI-4054 Aurora

uploaded by brammer001 1 year ago

One of a Kind

The Aurora is a high speed, high agility aircraft.
The aircraft is built under high secrecy by an unknown company. What is known is that only one known airframe was produced and mysteriously acquired by the organization Ouroboros, with the sole pilot being the organization's leader, former General Resource Limited employee and ace Abyssal Dision.

After multiple engagements and one astounding engagement which, unbelievably, took place inside the Electrosphere; the UI-4054 along with Dision were destroyed.

- Acepedia

i had a lot of fun building this plane from Ace Combat 3.
it was a nice kind of challenge


- TFGH to pitch and roll
- C to toggle engine
- R/Y to yaw
- X for the afterburner

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