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Adder MK.2

uploaded by Brooka 1 year ago

Block count: 198

Steam version:

Meet the successor to the Adder, my vanilla fighter aircraft. This version is a more finely-tuned craft, featuring torqueless engines, ice proof construction, and a reduced block count.

Up, Down, Left and Right Keys: For Inverted Flight Controls
T,F,G,H Keys: For alternate controls
Q/E or R/Y: Controls yaw
L shift: Toggle thrust
L ctrl: Reverse thrust
C keys: Fire cannons
Z and X: Accelerate or decelerate
N and M: Raise or lower landing gear
Mouse click for camera views.

Tip: Pull up landing gear as soon as possible with N to create more lift. You will need to pitch up to take off and have propeller blades fully pitched (Z key).
posted by Roycehellion 1 year ago
looks good, you ever coming over to the dark side of mods?

i picture you turning all the lights off at 1am and making secret modded machines lol.

Great as usual Brooka! :D
posted by nikocreator 1 year ago
This is the best creaction ever!!
posted by Brooka 1 year ago
@Royce haha i haven't yet, can't rule it out tho. @niko cheers man!