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Vanilla V4 (90° Crankshaft, 4 Stroke)

uploaded by Dzytizz 9 months ago

REUPLOAD: 2nd of 4 engines I will be uploading. Disclaimer: lots of "engine information" inbound, if you're not a fan of it just skip reading (needs unbreaking/unlimited ammo to work, just start it and it will launch of or just watch a video if you want to see all 4 engines in one place). V4 engines are mostly used in motorcycles but has also found ways into some cars. Because of it's shape it's more compact and can have less vibrations. Pros: compact, less vibrations compared to inline engines, can have big displacements. Cons: beause of it's shape it has increased complexity (higher manufacture costs, harder to work with/modify). Also because it has 2 camshafts instead of 1 (Atleast in this Besiege version I made, in real life they mostly have duo overhead cams (4 camshafts) in total) it has higher friction loses. Don't forget to check out my other engines and the video ^^. Sorry for shortened version compared to the uploaded before as I lost info and couldn't get it back easily. Thanks for reading ^^.
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