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Vanilla I4 (90° Crankshaft, 4 Stroke, W/ Camshaft)

uploaded by Dzytizz 1 year ago

REUPLOAD: 1st of 4 engines I will be uploading. Disclaimer: lots of "engine information" inbound, if you're not a fan of it just skip reading (needs unbreaking/unlimited ammo to work, just start it and it will launch of or just watch a video if you want to see all 4 engines in one place). So inline 4 (or I4 for short) is a comonly used engine. This one I built has a flywheel, 90° crankshaft, camshaft and 4 pistons obviously. I made it as a 4 stroke engine (1 piston powered at a time) for better explanation even though in Besiege it's useless. It has a firing order of 1-3-4-2. As any engine, it has it's pros and cons. Pros: speaking about size- it's quite thin so it leaves a lot of space for suspension geometry/turbo chargers and makes it easy to work with as it's easily accesed from the top. Aditionally, it's primary balance is quite well (less vibrations). because of wide variety of use, it's quite easy to find parts for it and because of high amount of development on inline engines it's quite efficient (used in most economical cars). Cons: because it's tall, it has high center of mass (bad for driving dynamics), it also has quite limited displacement because it's tall already (average biggest displacement is 3 liters). Because secondary balance is bad it needs balancings shafts (increased weight and complexisty). Also because of it's height it's hard to fit in high end low profile cars. Don't forget to watch the video and check other engines too. Thanks for reading ^^
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Engine info is the best [email protected]
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