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Vanilla Fire- & Bombproof Quad: Niobium

uploaded by Algae 1 year ago

This creation is a fireproof car and quad in one. It is mostly bombproof, as it can take on the Duke's Prototypes two (or sometimes more) at a time. One well-placed bomb could destroy part of the quad, in very specific situations. Most of the time it's fine when there aren't two or more bombs exploding at the same time.

It has completed all zones. (Video in the making, request zones you want to see in the comments here.)
First Valfross level is hard at 100% speed unless you can fly this creation really well.


Arrows - Drive
RightShift/-Ctrl - Raise/Lower arm
/ - Release bombs
E - Activate steam cannon (to spin handles, extinguish the sacred flame or push away knights)

K - Separate Car & Quad. Fly straight up for best results.
You can separate on the fly.

TFGH - Pitch & Roll
RY - Yaw
XZ - Thrust Up/Down
56 - Cannons

The reaction wheels (drills) are so strong that you can spin on the ground, if you've separated car and quad. This can be useful in some levels if you've crashed.
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