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Vanilla V8/Square8 Engine /W Camshafts

uploaded by Dzytizz 9 months ago

Made this creation inspired by oziboy and Roycehellion. Wasn't sure how to call the creation so called it both V8 and Square 8 as it has no piston offset (as square engines) but at the same time it has camshafts on the side and a single crankshaft (as V engines). This version I made has to be run on invincibility and infinite ammo. It's so smooth it doesn't even require a flywheel (but still added it as it smoothens the power curve). It fires every 90° of crankshaft rotation, it's a 2 stroke engine (pistons fire every 180° of crankshaft rotation) and it has retarded timing (pistons fire after top dead center) to make sure it's smooth and because of vanilla limitations. Made a 2nd version (check it out too^^) which is braced and has "engine mounts" (might try to put it in some sort of vehicle as it has moderate torque/rpm). Just start it and it goes on by itself.
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