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Sub-Vanilla W16 (90° Crankshaft,2 Stroke)

uploaded by Dzytizz 9 months ago

Everything was built in vanilla, only a single rotation of both 45° and 22.5° were used to give it's shape. It has a flywheel, crankshaft (and this is the weakest point as it's built out of 8 inline joints and it has a lot of flex) and 16 self powering pistons. Invincibility and infinite ammo is needed. At every 90° of crankshaft rotation ~4 pistons are fired (~4 because of vibrations sometimes only 3 get powered) which gives it great torque. W engines are either 2 VR8 or 2V8s strapped together (it depends from which perspective you look, I built it as 2 different V8s with 90° offsets and then connected them together with 45° offset from each piston, while true W16 is said to be made out of 2 VR8s with 22.5° offsets strapped together). And most known W16 is used in Bugatti Veyron which has 64 valves and quad-trubo setup (and produces maximum power output of 736 kilowatts(987bhp) with a maximum torque of 1,250 newton metres (922 lbf?ft).
P.S. As said in video, playing it at 200% time scale makes it look(high rpms) and sound (kinda) like a true engine ^^
posted by oziboy 9 months ago
Looks good!