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Sub-Vanilla 6 Piston Deltic Engine

uploaded by Dzytizz 9 months ago

Deltic engines are opposed-piston, valveless, two-stroke(diesel) engines produced for naval and railroad applications. This type is called deltic because it represents Greek letter 'delta' (which has a shape of a triangle).It has a flywheel with 'New Year's Eve" starter, 3 crankshafts at each corner, 6 pistons (and only 3 cylinders in this case) and cog wheel power transfer mechanism. True deltic engines (like "Napier Deltic") have 18 cylinders (36 pistons) which makes it great for high torque applications. This version only has 3 cylinders as it got quite complex already. Because it's valveless, timing is a bit off as no camshafts were used (and in true engine it's way different than in Besiege physics). Aditionally, because Besiege cogs have some offset, piston firing has a zig-zag pattern (hightorque/lowtorque moments). It only needs a single god-tool: infinite ammo (but I would recommend to use zero-gravity as it runs smoother). And btw, happy New Year's Eve guys!^^
posted by Roycehellion 9 months ago