How do I use a .bsg file?

Boeing 787

uploaded by Henry 11 months ago

Features :
Flexible Wing
High thrust high speed engines
Robust landing gear with powerful brakes
Easy to control

Instructions :
Treat U/H/J/K and Num Pad 8/4/5/6 like arrow keys.
U/H controls throttle
J/K controls rudder
Num Pad 8/5 controls elevator
Num Pad 4/6 controls ailerons
Num Pad */- controls landing gear
Num Pad +/Enter controls elevator trim
Num Pad 0 toggles parking brakes
Y/I controls nose wheel steering
Control camera views using number keys 1-7

To fly :
1. release parking brakes ( Num Pad 0 )
2. Add full throttle ( u )
3. Pull up at 30m/s ( Num Pad 5 )
4. Gear Up ( Num Pad * )
posted by madman 11 months ago
Couldn't run in my com

because it's too bigggggg

posted by Henry 11 months ago
Try running it a 50% speed or update game to v0.60