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Rocket Ship Delta one

uploaded by XMAk1987 11 months ago

Rocket Ship with launch capabilities 0G is required for the machine to function.
the rocket has a three-stage take-off system.

With Keys
stage 1 key 1
stake 2 key 2
stage 3 key 3
orientation and stabilization of the Ship

Weapon deploy and preparation to Fire

O - P : To Open / Close / Deploy weapon
L - K : To Prepare weapon to fire
I - Fire weapon
<, - >. To stabilize the Missile while flying
V - Deploy bomb :D

How to flay the ship prepare the weapon to fire and stabilize the Missile and deploy the bomb .

step 1 - get the machine /SHIP/ in the air before starting the game then start the game
step 2 - flay the ship bay starting stage 1 press key 1 then when you are done with stage 1 press the key 1 again to stop the thrust
then press Key 2 to start stage 2 when you are ready with stage 2 press Key 2 again to stop the thrust
then press key 3 to activate engine 3 and the final stage 3 this is last stage and it is the ships cruising engine and speed
step 3 Deploy weapon
a). Deploy weapon bay pressing Key O hold it until it has opened to the end
b). Start rotating the Weapon with the Key L or K
step 3 Fire Weapon
While you hold L or K to rotate the weapon press I to fire the Weapon
step 4
stabilize the Missile while flying

Pres the <, or >. to rotate any direction and hold .
when you feel ready to relies the bomb press the Key V
and stop stabilize the Missile.

PS : Fill free to edit any part or Key Controls of the Ship or Weapon .
I hope you have fun as much as I had while creating it

GL HF :D .

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