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V56: 56 Block Vanilla Jet

uploaded by Brooka 11 months ago

Steam version:

The successor to my V66 vanilla steam jet, the new model is even lighter and has 6 water cannons set to 4x power, achieved by copying the max power setting from a shrapnel cannon and placed using symmetry tool. Unfortunately no yaw control on this model, so while ideal for multiverse use, it is not ideal for racing despite its speed.

Up, Down, Left and Right Keys: For inverted flight
T,F,G,H Keys: For One handed flight
L shift: Toggle thrust, you may want to customise some of the cannons to "hold to fire," depending on your preference.
Mouse click for FP view.

As the title mentions, 100% vanilla construction. No mods were used to build this machine. No mods used = vanilla.
posted by Roycehellion 11 months ago
i can still barely put a glider together without getting bored and it falling like a rock, even with mods

Great build as always Brooka! :D
posted by Brooka 11 months ago
Thanks Royce!
posted by madman 10 months ago
Wait, how u made the water cannon 4x power?
posted by Brooka 9 months ago
Bit late sorry madman, but copy the power settings from a shrapnel cannon