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Better cardan

uploaded by oziboy 11 months ago

Excuse my ignorance, I'd always known the ballasts did this yet I always left it aside as a "disgusting bug".

I've made so many cardans but none were stable like this one, sure they could probably output slight more torque but invincibility mode fixes that

The lower the weight of the ballast it seems the joint of it becomes weaker, at some point you can bend the ballast without it breaking off!
I was working on an engine which will remain my dirty little secret for now (at least until it's done, not even sure if it ever will), trying to get higher revolutions of course, testing every single block to fit in the crankshaft
It seemed the ballast was the most unstable of them all (when obviously lowered the weight), when the explosion hit it would make the camshaft bend
However it still drove the other ballast with the same rotation speed

It seems that it's so flexible, when you pull it out without invincibility mode it flexes like a block attached to a spring! And it acts like one too!

By driving a ballast, and rotating another 45 degrees to properly mesh without being jumpy, it can act like a cardan

I put up a little test, you can see how it works, toggle H to expand the piston

The only issue is coupling it to a wheel, the wheel bends with it because the brace does not have the same properties
However, this is easily fixable by adding another block to the setup, with a proper weight in order to have it stay fixed and not have a slight bend in it

I'm not sure if people realized this before but if not, now y'all do :P

just press H to toggle piston
posted by Roycehellion 11 months ago
Ive spent some time messing with sub-value ballasts (and springs) you get some weird responses, but never tried this. Very good use of a glitch.
posted by Druggernaut127 10 months ago
To attach to a wheel I dono if you or Royce worked this out as well but if you place a ballast (as the hub) the put a small wheel scaled down to fit on the drive side parallel to your actual wheel connected by a brace you can pass drive from your cardan to your wheel in a small package that remains as strong as using the standard besiege powered wheels the way we normally do.
posted by oziboy 10 months ago
How do you mean, can you give a visual example?