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Me 410 A-1/U4 WW2 heavy fighter

uploaded by smokearrow 1 year ago

The Me 410 A-1/U4 is a German heavy fighter.

Note: 762 blocks, so if your PC lags reduce game speed or by deleting some of the balloons.
I run it at 75% around 50-55 fps with i7 7700k and GTX 960.

It's a very stable plane and some what maneuverable.
Can perform basic and adv. maneuvers: fly upside down, barrel roll, split s, rolling scissors, corkscrew and more.
Some of those are hard and take time to practice.
Use the flaps for easy take off, landing or just to increase or decrease lift.
Stable flight at 65-95 velocity (m/s), if speed is over 100 m/s controls might get to sensitive and long presses might throw you in spin or just unavoidable crash.
The cannon in FP camera is very accurate, but the missiles are hard to aim to predict their path to the target.
Bombs are easy to use only if you have a flight mode installed to show you their trajectory in real time.
Skins: viridian, dark grey, ww2proppack, f4's wheelpack, f4u, german 2, simple models, black paint regalia, deutchland, J-11, sight pack, F-15. The pilot skin is in chinese- sorry.
It is very fun to shot down those balloons but if you have a friend try in multiverse :)
I hope you like it and if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below.

Image of keyboard controls in the end of the video or:
Engines: 1 and 2
Bombs: 3 and 4
Missiles: 5 and 6
Gears: Z and X
Flaps: V and B
Cannon: C
Camera: F
Control surfaces:
Yaw: num7 and num9
Roll: num4 and num6
Pitch: num2 and num8
posted by madman 1 year ago
Too heavy for my computer

My com limits are 250 blocks at 50%

But i love how it looks
posted by smokearrow 1 year ago
You can try to delete all balloons and also deleting the wooden panels that cover the plane,armor plates,bombs and missiles to reduce the block count to around 350 blocks. 300 blocks if you delete some of the braces supporting the tail, the wings and the pistons that control the control surfaces but that will make the plane weak( wings might snap in sharp pitch up turns, tail may brake easy on hard landing ,if hit or some wobble might occur )
posted by madman 1 year ago
Tried that

Only run at slow speed
When it goes fast......
Lag and force pull (i mean force close. Too much watching star wars)

But still it's awesome
posted by smokearrow 1 year ago
Thanks! I'll try make another one but different with less blocks with better moving targets this time :)
posted by smokearrow 1 year ago
if you imagine that i manage to capture the video in 2560x1440 at 60 fps while the game run 60% speed 764 blocks at 45fps :D