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VANILLA Messerschmitt Me-262

uploaded by RedBaron 1 year ago

This is my first "advanced vanilla" build, it is a 144 blocks Me-262 (i know the wheels aren't correct, but anyway...), Leave a like if you enjoyed it and comments are always appreciated! :)


This is 100% vanilla creation, vanilla means no mods are used to build the machine, i used 0.5; 0.25; 0.125; 0.10 placement, mirror techniques and glitch positioning to obtain all the shapes. Finally i copied the shrapnel cannon power settings in order to obtain power 4 water cannons


Z: Engine on/off (toggle)
Left Ctrl: Throttle
Prey to Brake
Keypad 4/6: Roll - ALTERNATIVE F/H
Keypad 5/8: Pitch - ALTERNATIVE G/T
Keypad 7/9: Yaw - ALTERNATIVE Q/E
C: Cannons (Infinite ammo recommended)
N: 3rd person camera
M: Cockpit view
R/U: Retract/Deploy Landing gear


Aluminum -
Jet Black -
Aluminum Pine -
Aluminium Shadow -

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