How do I use a .bsg file?

GG-375 "Heical"

uploaded by OrangIndo 7 months ago

Yeah. Its me. I'm back

Haven't upload anything since the last 2 weeks because I found my new hobby.

Arrowkeys to drive
F for camera
O for boost

P.S. : Leave a comment down below if you know what TRULY this is or you feel familiar with this creation. I don't have the perfect skins for it, so I'm sorry.
posted by OrangIndo 7 months ago
Anime is my new hobby. And also the inspiration behind this creation
posted by Roycehellion 7 months ago
Lemme know if you need anime suggestions :)
also, why cant you watch anime and besiege?
I usually do both, even subbed stuff if you get familiar with japanese/korean etc after a while of watching.
posted by OrangIndo 7 months ago
I have a busy schedule.In case you don't know, I live in indonesia which means 15 school subjects and almost all of them have a homework.

Yeah. I'm in stress -_-". And playing games is my way to cope with it.
posted by OrangIndo 7 months ago
Correction. I'm not in stress. I'M DEPRESSED. Because it seems like I can't get rid of it.

Maybe I have a mental problem.
posted by canine 6 months ago
hey no worries im Asian too i know about the seriousness of the exams... relax mate..btw lovee ur creations
posted by OrangIndo 6 months ago
Thanks for your support! :)
posted by OrangIndo 6 months ago
@canine Where are you come from?
If you ask me where I came from, maybe you can guess from my name
posted by canine 5 months ago
@OrangIndo me mate im from Sri Lanka ..
.btw check my new creation i put credits to you for the skins... :)
posted by OrangIndo 5 months ago
Err.... I think you shouldn't do that..
posted by canine 5 months ago
no worries i was able to find them thanks to you. dont worry i didnt say u made them .............. ;) ;).