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6x6 Off-Road Truck W/ Duo-Action Suspension

uploaded by Dzytizz 1 year ago

So I've recently built this offroader using fully vanilla duo-action (will explain it's name next) suspension and double wishbone suspension (only modded parts are resized wheels).Aditionally it has a camera,RTC (return to center) steering and 3 different speed modes (cruise, crawling + overdrive(both combined). This "duo-action" suspension means it's flexible in 2 axis: X and Z (can be seen in video). Wasn't sure what type of suspension to use on front so I strapped a simple double wishbone with RTC steering . It can climb nearly any hill (take in mind that it uses no propeler blocks to increase friction). Aditionally, cruise and overdrive modes make it quite good and easy for drifting too^^. Invincivility is recommended. Controls:
Up/down arrow key - accelerate using cruise speed (medium speed).
L. shift/l. ctrl key - accelerate using crawling speed (slow, good for offroading/crawling).
F - camera.
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
This is cool but I believe it could have been slightly better using a rover-like suspension in regards to traction

This by itself is pretty damn good though, awesome!
posted by Dzytizz 1 year ago
Thanks. Actually I was kinda out of ideas what to built so I started strapping rear suspension first out of nowhere, just had an idea to use 2 seperate suspension pieces for each axis ^^ At first wasn't sure if I should even upload it because of it's bulkyness but managed to spend too much time ,didn't want to make it a waste heh
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
I like to make my frames in such a manner that I can later go back and attach an engine when the time is ripe

Theres this thing I don't like that happens a lot though: when using enough torque, the suspension stiffens a LOT, which doesn't seem to be the case in your design as extreme as it is on mine
posted by Dzytizz 1 year ago
Yeah been there too, seems Besiege doesn't really like constant velocity joints, even if angle is right it tends to create random forces which screw around with suspensions most of the time heh
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
yeah :/