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Anti-understeer helper

uploaded by oziboy 1 year ago

So basically I was messing with LSD on this one, I didn't want an open dif as it's boring

There is a powered cog located on the dif in this car, increasing the speed can make it oversteer harder (enter initial D mode, maybe that "deja vu" song playing in the background)
Flipping the dif can make the car understeer but that wasn't the point (besides, it already does that which sucks)

THOUGH, this is kind of a cheat... AND there is an issue!
trying reverse on this thing messes up the entire point really, but it doesn't influence the driving (if someone could make this irl the sound of screeching tires would summon satan)

It's fun to play with, I will probably just put the cog speed to 0 and enable auto braking, it does the trick (even tho it's quite stiff)

The vehicle will be very prone to locked dif but that's what I want, for this build it's good, the car has too much understeer

Also about the suspension:

Something I designed of my own, works pretty well
I added something that stiffens the outer wheel when turning, this helps a lot with the roll, especially in preparation to adding an engine in the future (however, it probably won't be on this car, planning bigger)

The wheels need some fine tuning with the placement, the angle is not right, again, but I took that in account so it's easily fixable

and blah blah blah I'm not going to write a book about it

Instructions: invincibility not necessary (if it breaks, set machine on the ground)
Press P to release, H to engage suspension
Arrow keys to drive
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
this works because in a turn weight is shifted to the outer wheels, by speeding up the outer rear wheel it loses traction
The inner rear wheel won't match the speed and the entire rear will skid

There's a certain treshold though, if I turn this down a lot I can cause oversteer in a controlled manner and this thing can be a cornering machine

I spend a lot of time in racing games. Especially where I can modify a lot (LFS with tweaks is kinda cool, and free)