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"Messy Duo" 1 Stroke Cannon Engine

uploaded by Dzytizz 1 year ago

"Messy Duo" stands for messy duo action engine (in other words, engine with 2 opossing pistons firing at same time and because pistons use cannons "emissions" is a mess). It has an extra heavy flywheel, 2 opossing pistons, hidden starter and a crankshaft with guard (guard is used to no cannon balls get stuck in crankshaft itself). As for an engine it's really unpractical: low torque, low rpm, poor torque curve but on another hand it looks cool when zoomed out with zero-g on^^. Invincibility and infinite ammo is needed, zero-g creates a nice effect+lower FPS drops from cannon balls. Hold Y for few secs to start.
posted by oziboy 1 year ago
Indeed, it looks pretty damn cool :o

it has brought me to an idea, too!
posted by Dzytizz 1 year ago
Thanks ^^ That's even better then

posted by oziboy 1 year ago
I'll write it down before i forget, attaching a torch to the crankshaft

This is not necessarily possible or useful for water cannons but it gives us the opportunity not having to use stupid braces in the crankshaft
Meaning higher rpm is possible

I already made a prototype but it's not worth uploading just yet, it's stable but misses firing 99% of the time

However, its peak speeds are definitely faster than any of my creations so far

I'm finding 2 pistons most efficient for now
posted by Dzytizz 1 year ago
Hmm this sounds interesting, waiting for your upload now ^^