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Proof of concept compact inline4

uploaded by oziboy 11 months ago

Skips most firing, has bursts of very high, then very low RPM
I haven't positioned the pistons correctly yet, as it's no use because they jump anyways

It's to demonstrate a more lightweight firing system to get more RPM out of a creation, simply by attaching it to the crankshaft

Pros of this firing system:
-Lightweight as opposed to traditional camshaft based firing
-Hybrid, by adjusting placement so that the cannon fires against the torch you get more rendement (this could be a con too)
-High RPM

-High RPM comes in bursts
-Has some vibration
-No space to cancel out piston weight ==> cause of vibration

Invincibility, zero G, infinite ammo
It should catch up, if not restart and press T immediately
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