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Valveless boxer twin

uploaded by oziboy 11 months ago

2 Cilinder boxer design engine in a compact form, without going overboard with scaling of course

pretty cool RPM, more so considering the cannons are on 1x

But here's the catch: in the past there were tractors that when they went uphill, they could stall and suddenly change engine rotation direction and they'd accellerate downhill
yeah basically the same thing here, this does NOT like load, it's because of the valveless setup
I wish we had sensors to control firing haha, would be so useful

A bit of wobble but that's fixable by doing some magic, I fixed most of it by putting the cannons and torches on an angle

the other issue with this creation is getting rid of emission, so basically it doesn't like being stationary either, unless the exhaust is vacuumed out!

-Invincibility, hand mode
-Pull on the flywheel, it likes either direction

One step further to more RPM ^^

Also, the throw can be increased by .25 more until the pistons hit their limit (but a redesign is required nonetheless)
posted by oziboy 11 months ago
Small flywheel to maintain smoothness

Also, 0 braces used because I hate them ^^

It's possible to make more cilinders without using braces
posted by Dzytizz 11 months ago
Woah thats what you meant with torches on crankshaft, good job! ^^
posted by oziboy 11 months ago
Yeah, I'm going to mess with weight next
posted by Dzytizz 11 months ago
It's kinda weird how adding weight to your flywheel instead of making it more smooth makes it worse tho, is it Besiege physics being weird again?
posted by oziboy 11 months ago
I think it's besiege physics not wanting it to go fast, so it can't keep momentum at some point and reverses

I think with a V configuration it wouldn't be much of a problem anymore, but boy I am NOT going to calculate things for a V config XD