How do I use a .bsg file?

JA-40s (Read Description please)

uploaded by madman 1 year ago

The another JA series
T to Take off
X for horizontal thrust
Arrow keys to control

Note : When you're using vertical take off please do not thrust forward. It could break the front controller

Now , the challenge

How abut making an aircraft that have a low block count (less than 75) for PvP battle?
Are u interested??
posted by OrangIndo 1 year ago
Nggak sekolah??
posted by madman 1 year ago
Tadi jamkos :v
posted by IVADMA 1 year ago
You making the challenge or us ?
posted by madman 1 year ago
I made challenge for you guys
posted by 0CashAkDude0 1 year ago
that sounds fun lol