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New valve system (Works well)

uploaded by oziboy 1 year ago

Instructions: invincibility on, press Y to start

Engine runs either direction, doesn't like too heavy load
This is due to the timing, I can make it fire earlier by adjusting the position of the valve, but it's not something that can be made adjustable in a compact manner

This works well, runs as well in normal gravity as it does in zero G

There's a setback to the RPM because the cannons fire too late

RPM is steady though, kinda heavy flywheel to maintain balance and momentum
Makes an okay amount of torque, even for a 2-piston design to be honest

I eliminated the use of braces in the crankshaft by just using one gear and adding both pistons to their opposing positions

I think I can make a 4 cilinder out of this, shouldn't take too much of an effort
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