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Chrysler Valiant Charger

uploaded by JCUDOS 8 months ago

More info on Steam:
See it in action on gfycat:

138 blocks (134 physical + 4 cameras). Includes roll and pitch reactions wheels to do stunts. Balance the car while using the boost to almost fly just like in Rocket League. Can brake while going maximum wheel power speed without risking to break anything.

This is my first collaboration with Brammer. It's made from his Ford Mustang Fastback:
I modified it into this low block count Chrysler Valiant Charger as a first step on the way to making the Peacemaker from Mad Max Fury Road.

Based on the 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger R/T E49 and the 1973 Chrysler Valiant Charger 770 E55.

Arrow keys to drive. Right shift to boost.
E to cycle cameras.

Alt controls (stunt controls):
Pitch and roll with TFGH.
RYXC to drive. Z to boost.
posted by JCUDOS 8 months ago
Clicking on the links in the description doesn't seem to work so I'm checking to see if they work in comments.
More info on Steam:
See it in action on gfycat:
Ford Mustang Fastback:
posted by PgamerX 8 months ago
Nice job bro!
posted by PgamerX 8 months ago
Im exited for mad max fury road
posted by JCUDOS 7 months ago
@PgamerX Thanks!
posted by Decender 5 months ago
Great Vehicle but Can you make The Trans Am 20000 WR With the hidden inner frame complete