How do I use a .bsg file?

Supersonic MiniJet (Vanilla)

uploaded by JCUDOS 11 months ago

More info and functional links on Steam:

At the moment, fastest vanilla creation and sixth overall fastest in Valley of Kings - Canyon Flight Run by Shadé.

61 blocks (3 cameras)

Could've been entirely done using the glitch explained by besieg on Reddit:
However, it does not matter anymore since Building Tools is part of the vanilla game in the new experimental branch.

Pitch and roll with TFGH.
Cycle cameras with E.
Thrust with X.

posted by madman 10 months ago
This maybe the hardest plane I ever pilot
posted by JCUDOS 10 months ago
@madman Weird... I find it very easy to pilot even compared to most of the planes I tried in besiege. You can try lowering the simulation speed to something like 50%, should be easier.