How do I use a .bsg file?

robot arm killer

uploaded by arturbor 1 year ago

watch the video to the end!!! There are a lot of features!!!
rf,tg to move the arm, yh to rotate. flamethrowers-c,if im not mistaken.
posted by OrangIndo 1 year ago
Hey. You seems like a pretty creative guy. Here some tips to make your creation better

-Try to reduce the amount of blocks you use by making a block bigger using the scaling mod and the NoBounds mod. Too many blocks being used can cause lag and makes your creation heavier.

-Also, don't heavy-brace things that doesn't need to be heavy-braced. Too many braces makes your creation heavier because the weight of a brace equals the weight of a single block.

Keep creating things! Your skill will improve overtime! You will get there eventually.
posted by arturbor 1 year ago
orangindo, thanks, sorry for ignoring your comment and thanks for those good tips!!!