How do I use a .bsg file?

Mobile railgun MK I (no mods)

uploaded by Chris_Hewson 1 year ago

Repeating fireball cannon. 6 rounds. High velocity.
See video for an idea of controls and capabilities.

CONTROLS (recommend remapping for comfort):

Arrow keys Up/Down/Left/Right = Drive Forward/Reverse/Steer left/Steer right

FIRING (this is a little tricky)

Starts loaded. Press H to toggle piston frame (allows more aiming)

Press I/K for Aiming Up/Down

Press V to fire.


Press V again (untoggles firing springs)
Press G to pull back (grabber auto locks ballast at starting position)
Press R to reload (releases a fireball from the clip, if it's sticking try wigging forward/backward or up/down)

Repeat as necessary to destroy things.
posted by Chris_Hewson 1 year ago
Oh and press "F" to enter a first person view at the tip of the cannon.