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uploaded by anonymous 1 year ago

Description :
The Project-X is a vehicle with multiple abilities: it can be fired, throw bombs, "self-destruct", grind these enemies, etc.
His design is not his greatest achievement, but it is still a weapon very powerful and dangerous ! :D

Controls :
left: turn left
right: turn right

up: turns the saws (clockwise) and backs up the emergency vehicle
Down: backs up and holes the saws (counterclockwise)
right shift: advance the rescue vehicle

1: Raise the mechanical arm
2: Expands the mechanical arm

3: turn left the mechanical arm
4: turn right the mechanical arm

5: Mount the saws
6: goes down the saws

7: Ride the cannons
8: Gets the cannons

9: Unhooks the rescue vehicle

0: Pick up the bombs

Y: Activates vacuums and throws bombs

C: Draw the cannons

H: Activates the pistons
Made by Xelios.
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