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12 Piston Radial-ish Engine

uploaded by Dzytizz 10 months ago

Called it "radial-ish" because it's not truly radial, as pistons isn't placed in a flower pattern, it's more likely a square 12 with firing happening with low angle crankshaft rotation intervals. Took quite some time till I did all the "maths" for block placement/rotation. Y to start, no god-tools needed.
posted by oziboy 10 months ago
These are cool but they're more leaned towards a DUKE-style engine

Except, you used a different way to transfer up-down motion to circular

Not sure which one is more efficient but I like this variant! Well done!
posted by Dzytizz 10 months ago
Oh yeah, that's the word I was looking for with saying "radial-ish" lol. Complexity wise (atleast by amount of parts) Duke is way better tho. Thanks ^^
posted by Roycehellion 10 months ago
yup Duke engine :)