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COD: IF Jackal Project Update

uploaded by 0CashAkDude0 1 year ago

[ What category does this even fit as; it's supposed to fly, cant fly yet, shoots stuff, designed to destroy, and has wheels ]

Way back then I was working on a different mechanism that was also the thing I made now, the front section of the COD IF Jackal. I gave up and the idea remained dormant until now, because a better -end pc allows the construction of a laggier contraption. You may have seen the lag that the F-24 does [], and building a laggier thing on the same laptop basically broke the laptop AND the game. So i decided to start over now.


-Doors[ The hatches that open up the shell to let something out and in ]-
Weapon Covers {LeftArrow} {RightArrow}
Front Landing Gear {Num8} {Num7}

30mm Gren [J]
50m Pathfinder [H]

The amount of controls are too complicated to talk about so:
Landing Gear Down - {Starts down, press 3 to fully extend, after that extension is hold 1, press 4, hold 5, press 3}
Landing Gear up - {press 3, press 4, hold 6, hold 2}
Open weapons door, press 7, then press consecutively -780 to extend Grens, 097 to extend Pathfinders
Cockpit Glass {up arrow and down arrow}

If in doubt, look at the keymapping.
posted by 0CashAkDude0 1 year ago
And the picture fails to display great