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Scorpion Heavy

uploaded by flurry 1 year ago

Ammo free destruction.
- Completely vanilla, no god mode
- Cannot complete all levels, just good at destruction
- Fire and npc resistant, but unfortunately vulnerable to bombs
- Biggest weakness is cannot climb inclines or ledges =( claws too heavy for any lifting mechanism too.
- Took 52 iterations and dozens of hours to complete... but I mostly because I tried to make it a walker first. It got as far as I could take it, but wasn't meant to be in the end.


\ - turn on suspension. Do this once at the beginning.
Arrow keys - move

Keypad 0 - lower tail elevation / move tail forward
Keypad 1 - raise tail elevation / move tail backwards
Keypad 4 - lower tail attack angle
Keypad 7 - raise tail attack angle
Left Shift - Strike with tail

x - close claws
c - open claws


When starting, press \. Then hold down 'keypad 1' and 'keypad 4' at the same time for a second or two. That will raise the tail to a comfortable height. Make sure you have numlock turned on.

Avoid trying to tackle ledges and steep inclines

If you lose your claws, you will likely have difficulty balancing

GOOD LUCK OUT THERE! I hope you enjoy
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