How do I use a .bsg file?

king machine

uploaded by nate70 1 year ago

Shrapnel engine put into a vehicle. Runs only on 2 shrapnel cannons. Has decent power output and is quite hard to stall. The engine spins in only one direction to help give the gearbox traction, it confusing but you'll understand when you see it.

How to use- Rshft is to start it if its not going already
up/down is forward or back
num1 is to put out the torches
num2 is to light the torches

and i think thats it. Im sure there are a few more features on it just fiddle with it and have fun.
posted by nate70 1 year ago
p.s. if your wondering why its named king, its because im running out of names to call these contraptions so i just named it after my pet.
posted by madman 1 year ago

It's confuse meee

My eyes are spinnin'