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Quad-copter Bomber

uploaded by Henry 1 year ago

A very simple quad-copter bomber, easy to fly.

[U]/[H]/[J]/[K] to go up/down/turn left/turn right
[Arrow keys] to pitch/bank
[Y] to choose camera
[Enter] to activate engines
[1]/[2]/[3]/[4]/[5] to drop bombs

To fly:
1. Press [Enter]
2. Press [Y] to use follow camera
3. Hold [U] to climb
4. Move around using [U]/[H]/[J]/[K]/[Arrow keys]
5. Press [Y] again to use bombing camera
6. Drop bombs using [1]/[2]/[3]/[4]/[5]

To land:
1. (Optional) Fly close to ground
2. Level off.
3. Press [Enter] to turn off engines.
The landing gear is robust enough to handle the impact from free fall.

This aircraft is aerodynamically stabilized.
If you have poor flying skills and made the aircraft go out of control, hold down [U] and let go of all other keys.
The aircraft will stabilize itself.

Do not attempt to go inverted. The aircraft will override your command.
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