How do I use a .bsg file?

KMX-50Mk2 Bandit

uploaded by Blitsplatapus 1 year ago


Arrow keys - Move
N, M/ <, > - Turret
C - Cannon
V - Crossbow Machine gun
T/ Y - Launch TOW Missile/ Lock on
F, G - Camera Mode

I've played Crossout so much on that day until it came to my mind to build a LAV, this Vehicle was my choice for Light Tank Battle PvP, Because of its velocity of 118 to 172km/h which is a very fast vehicle with some generously fine firepower, it was equipped with x5.50 cannon, a single crossbow machine gun, and a Vacuum TOW missile which is a powerful weapon that could destroy everything its path.

For those who don't have steam just copy the link and download the skin

When you're done open the folder and copy the folders then go to "Besiege_Data" and open "Skins"
and import those files and you're done.
posted by AaronBrine01 1 year ago
Please can you add the missing skins