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Heavy Artillery bot

uploaded by anonymous 9 months ago

This machine is considered as a shooting machine type, but is able to move.
It's equipped with 6 cannons and 2 rockets, that you can fire and aim at your own will.
I tried a lot of levels on it, and most of the levels can be completed with this machine.

The controls are:

Moving: arrow keys
Turn upper body left/right: Num-4 and Num-6
Move arms up/down: Num-8 and Num-5
Spread/close arms: Num-1 and Num-2
Turn arms: Num-7 and Num-9
Open/close arms: Num/- and Num-+

Fire first arm: 1
Fire second arm: 2
Fire cannons on back: 3 (z+x to adjust)
Drop sword: 4 and 5 (toggle to pick up)

I made this purely out of fun, so please enjoy!
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