How do I use a .bsg file?

Androste(a jet)

uploaded by xXNoob27Xx 1 year ago

Mods needed: Vector thruster , Rocket block mod , Exploding Cannonball And Arrow Aftereffect Mod, cloaking mod(not required)
Skins needed: Metal and Dope, cockpit skins, weapon 2 skin, head light.

To Start Engine: Key pad number 0 Fire cannon: Key pad number 2
To Control Plane: Arrow Keys Fire Rockets: key pad number 7,8,9,4,5,6,3 and Keypad plus/+
To Fire Crossbow: Key Pad Number 1 and key pad enter.
To Increase speed or Decrease: < and > To cloak: P
To retract landing gear: [ and ] Im the same person who made camotres and the other one. This one
Drop Bombs: Key pad period/. has controls now.
posted by xXNoob27Xx 1 year ago
for video