How do I use a .bsg file?

SpaceX Falcon 09 Booster (with Satellite)

uploaded by canine 1 year ago

T- Main Launch Boosters.
R-Satellite Separation and Landing Boosters
E-Final Landing Boosters

This Launch Requires A Real Rocket Time Execution!! .....its fun.
01)First Count from 10 to 0.
02)Engage Main Launch Boosters : T.
*this will take the Falcon for 10 seconds to the sky.....
*after 10 seconds the Main Engines will shutdown. then..

03)Let the Rocket fall for 0.5 seconds in free-fall. (only 0.5 seconds)
04)Engage Landing Boosters : R (this will launch the satellite too).
05)After 05-06 seconds of Moving Down Engage Final Landing Engines -E_ (Required -unless u wanna be Elon Musk).

06)Now get ready to go to Mars in 2024.

*the White color Rockets Require Skins*

posted by EasyConstructions 1 year ago
To download Besiege v0.60 :
The .zip ""
posted by Blitsplatapus 11 months ago
Bro, I bet your SpaceX launcher
posted by canine 10 months ago
bro ; )
posted by canine 10 months ago
thankz mate @EasyConstructions

;) @ Blitsplatapus