How do I use a .bsg file?

Concorde (can reach 2180+km/h)

uploaded by Henry 1 year ago

You are recommended to update to v0.6 in order to run at 100% speed at 30+fps (Tested on i7-5820k at 4.3GHz)

Treat U/H/J/K and Num Pad 8/4/5/6 like arrow keys.
U/H controls throttle/braking
J/K controls rudder
Num Pad 8/5 controls elevator
Num Pad 4/6 controls ailerons
Num Pad */- controls landing gear
Num Pad +/Enter controls elevator trim
Num Pad 7/1 Raise/lower nose
Arrow Keys to taxi the aircraft on the ground/pushback
Control camera views using number keys 1-6

To fly:
1. Add full throttle ( u )
2. Pull up at 30m/s ( Num Pad 5 )
3. Gear Up ( Num Pad * )

Make gentle control inputs (tap on keys) and make pitch adjustments using elevator trim only when flying at over Mach 1
Slow down aircraft to below 40m/s before touchdown. Otherwise, the gear will be damaged by the high speed.
Pull nose cone up right after touchdown to avoid ground contact/damage.
posted by madman 1 year ago
Yeah, it made my game crashed

posted by Milchael 1 year ago
i love the fact there are still oldschool designs, that look amazing!