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Mk-2AE-Hell-Fire. (Heli Bomber-Mk.2A Modernized)

uploaded by canine 1 year ago

This is The (Heli Bomber-Mk.2A ) Made by
[ leon1985 ]

"One of the best creations i have ever seen this is the the machine i used to win Besiege !
...Awesome work Leon ...."
I mixed it Up with New Skins and Added a Bomb Bay Door.
and Also added Missiles

===============///Epceylon Mechanics///========= presents

====== Mk-2AE-Hell-Fire =====

After the Design was Built By Creator Leon.
The EpCeylon Mechanics has Upgraded The HeliShip.
Reducing the No of Bombs for Lightness and Adding More powerful Free-Fall Bombs.
Also Adding wing Plates
And High Range Missiles .


V=Open Bomb Bay Doors (compulsory ...unless u wanna be Team Rocket ...Jessie and James ..)
B=Close Doors .

[1] ~ [5] = Bomb x 5
[N][M][ , ][ . ] = Missiles x 4
[L-Alt] = Upward
[L-Ctrl] = Downward
[Q] = Forward
[E] = Backward
[←] = Left Turn
[→] = Right Turn
[↑] = Nose Down
[↓] = Nose Up
[Z][X] = Wings Open/Air Brakes

Skin Credits

Skin Pack "EpCeylonNote Modernizer"
(!3G4CBALT!WJJYipEuD8Otaiiz7dQXRQ )

Thanks Expect More.


" EpCeylonNote "
" a.k.a-"canine".


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