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Lever-Action Rifle (Winchester 1873 Knockoff)

uploaded by Dzytizz 11 months ago

Tried making Winchester 1873 rifle (without visual parts, mechanism only). Took quite some time to place parts properly (as in some blocks even 0.01 block movement ruins whole mechanism). It shoots quite acurately yet still manages to missfire from time to time. Invincibility recommended. To use it tap G first (it tensions springs/turns on reload mechanism ,if missfires happen, restart creation). Then press H to fire. After it fired and if bullet flied out of the barrel press and hold J for a few seconds to use lever-action mechanism (reload). If while reloading bullet gets stuck halfway trough, release J and press it again. Hand tool can be used to move triggers manually. Controls:
G - startup/setup (only needs to be tapped once)
H - firing trigger
J - lever-action trigger

P.S. Photo used is not completely ingame looks, tried to show how Winchester 1873 actually looks) ^^
posted by OrangIndo 11 months ago
Would be cooler if you can make the buttstock and the barrel. Good job dude! :D
posted by Dzytizz 11 months ago
I'm bad when it comes to moddeling but thanks ^^