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Cannon Powered V12 With Emissions

uploaded by Dzytizz 1 year ago

2 out of 2 V12 engines (check out another one too^^). It has a flywheel with starter (even though it's so smooth it can be run/start without one), crankshaft (60° firing) ,12 pistons and exhaust system (2 pipes). Tried to make a proper V12 firing order but seems I failed as I built one side of engine first (with Inline 6 firing order). Invincibility and infinite ammo is needed to run it. Press T as soon as it starts to start "the starter" and add "backpresure" to exhaust pipes.
P.S. It might melt your computer from too much cannon balls in no time ^^
posted by Roycehellion 1 year ago
Nice! What do you edit your vids with to add the text?
posted by Dzytizz 1 year ago
Thanks ^^ "Movie Maker" -outdated yet good enough for low-end videos