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Airship Lazarus

uploaded by Kenny1999 11 months ago

This is my first fictional airship design of mine. Since it is a fictional airship, please do not search it on Google, you'll get a Biblical figure if you search Lazarus, which I named it from that. The airship Lazarus is a conventional airship. It is not a very special one. The only thing special in this airship, is its steering system, and the aerodynamic stablilizers.

The airship has 2 engines, 4 stablilizers, cockpit view, interior dining room, and unique steering system. The steering system uses a tilt rotor, kind of like a ship's bow thrusters. I find out that rudders are not very effective on airships. It is not very perfect, as a fictional design. But I will try to design a better airship in the future. I do not recommend using rudders for steering.


z = engines
x = secondary engine
1 = cockpit view (not recommended)
2 = outside view
t/g = pitch


2/0 = engine anchor
period = release engine anchor
5/8 = bow anchor
multiply = release bow anchor
left/right = steering
posted by Kenny1999 11 months ago
I forgot the steam link: