How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by arkom15 9 months ago

new machine this one is a car or a buggy with a tail that you can make longer or shorter pressing n to shorten and m to extend at the en end of the tail there is a flameball which will help you cook enemeis with out having to get close to them, i also adde waterguns because i can the just pump wáter nothing else, and the vehicle has rockets wich by pressing t will give you a long boost, you can turn the waterguns by pressing 4 and 6 on the numb pads it also has crosbows wich you can fire pressing c and the left crossbow can be turned pressing 1 and3 and the right pressing 7and9 but dont let them turn in the same direction or they will break, if you want to improve feel free i will make better models in the given time, also im making a manga wich i hope you like its called ELENIA you can ask anything you want to know about that dosent include spoilers here, i will answer you as soon as i can.
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