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Gliding Firefly (mod of my old creation)

uploaded by Asdfmatt 9 months ago

Sooo hey. I'm back.

Its been a really long time. sad i couldn't play earlier than this. but I'm back now. And boy have things changed. Besiege downloads has so much more noobs now than before. Not to say that noobs are a bad thing, i mean we were all noobs once. But it's just sad to not be excited to see the innovation and amazing stuff as often as i used to. its also just sad to not see old friends I guess.

haha imagine all the new people reading this and just going who the heck is this guy? maybe go to around a 100 pages and earlier, you'll see me. not all of my creations were groundbreaking though.

Any way, this glider is a modification of my tiny firefly plane that fired missiles. its a fully fledged glider now, meaning it doesn't need thrust to fly.


up / down arrows for pitch
left / right for roll

That's it. Goodbye for now I guess
posted by Asdfmatt 9 months ago
also its hard to stop it once its gained enough speed, so be prepared for crashes
posted by TheNewDisplayter 9 months ago
i kinda remember you,agree,im sad all the old guys are gone,
core88 says shes been hacked
FrizB/Besiege this is not online anymore
and many others
posted by Asdfmatt 9 months ago
: (
posted by Asdfmatt 9 months ago
actually i recommend changing the keys to tgfh cause i figured you'd want to control the camera while you fly it. also to quickly gain altitude quickly alternate between going up and down
posted by Asdfmatt 9 months ago
also all those propellers in the back? you don't need 'em. forget it just change the whole creation, just remove the wooden pole at the back and add a vertical wing panel. glides way way better. if you get it at just the right angle, you'll able to reach the wall without pressing a single button. sorry for all these edits