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DD- Walker- 001

uploaded by UnmodedMih 1 year ago

This walker kinda hard to control.
Controls :
-Move Left Leg : Left Arrow.
-Move Right Leg : Right Arrow.
*You can Forwards by Press Left Arrow and Right Arrow sequence : Left Arrow; Right Arrow; Left Arrow; Right Arrow, ...
-Turn Left : Hold Right Arrow; Down Arrow.
-Turn Right : Hold Left Arrow; Up Arrow.
-Body Left/ Right : Q and E.
-Turret Cannon Up/ Down : Z and X.
-Turret FlameThrower Up/ Down : G and F.
-Turret Cannon Shoot : R.
-Turret FlameThrower Shoot : C (Hold).
-Rocket Right Lauch : 1.
-Rocket Left Lauch : 2.
-Random Walk : K.
Death :
1. Press "0".
2. Press "0" 10 times (God Mode).
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