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EzDrive X

uploaded by Vinarco 10 months ago

The perfect balance between drivability and performance.

- Fast in straight lines and corners.
- Soft acceleration and braking, easy to drive.
- Independent suspension with moderate off-road capability.

Old version:

Changes / improvements:
- Weight reduction, overall better performance.
- Relocated axles for increased ride height and ground clearance (both sprung and unsprung).
- Lower center of mass to accommodate the increased ride height with minimal body roll increase.
- Better weight distribution (front and rear).
- Optimized spring rate progression.

Relocated axles give more clearance to the front suspension motor joints, which is an issue in the previous version.
Without shock absorbers, the rear suspension bottoming out was also an issue. This is fixed by changing the ratio of upper and lower spring rate.

- Directional keys.
- F (cycle camera).
- SHIFT (parking brake).
posted by khkr 10 months ago
interesting you stacked wheels on unpowered wheels to smooth out the acceleration.
posted by triplewishbone 10 months ago
:O I see that you almost always base your cars on your previous ones. I like the suspension of the older one though, it feels smoother.
posted by Vinarco 10 months ago
@khkr yeah, it's to reduce the torque. not good for climbing steep hills though, so i hid some flying blocks somewhere to help it out.
posted by Vinarco 10 months ago
@triplewishbone i like the size of the chassis, wheels, and the high ground clearance, so i reuse it. or maybe i'm just too lazy lel.
if the older one felt smoother, then most likely it was because of the inertia. correct me if i'm wrong.
here's the new version:
the front suspension is much better now, maybe you'll like it more than the older one.