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Steampunk Airship: Horizon

uploaded by Kenny1999 8 months ago

Airship Horizon is one of my fictionally designed airships. From now on, all fictional airships will be either steampunk, or dieselpunks. Horizon looks generic, but it is not generic start from its style and color. Its color is what would a steampunk airship would be like. I have researched that steampunk is different from medieval. Steampunk is an industrial victorian. So I use rusted gears (Skin by Daichi), and old cloth (Skin by CCCanyon). Horizon also has a cozy wheelhouse, that gives comfort for the people who enters it.


p = unpin
z= start engines
t/g = air valves
f/h = maneuver
b = cockpit view


The Mountain Temple by Arternum

Steam Version:
posted by ParciTime 8 months ago
i don't think that ship is "fictional" in terms of hull and bridge design it looks like a ridig airship, just like the ones used in WW1 and a little bit in WW2.