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AV Buggy: Centum

uploaded by Brooka 2 weeks ago

Block Count: 98

Steam page:

A simple, very light, low blockcount, offroad advanced vanilla buggy. I set a limit of 100 blocks for myself and this is what I came up with. No fancy aerodynamics, fans, gyros or tricks. Just a dead simple buggy with mechanical steering.

Arrows for movement.
F key: Change Camera
posted by Decender 2 weeks ago
Please make the Most compact Vehicle/Aircraft that can Transform in the middle of the playing field
posted by Brooka 2 weeks ago
I'll have a go
posted by hash 1 week ago
great work
posted by Decender 1 week ago
Pls make something small that has more than 2000+ block and yes it must in the box borders

posted by Brooka 1 week ago
Small and 2000 blocks? Lol why?

posted by Roycehellion 1 week ago
seems a little overboard...but then again i have a car with a running engine that powers itself and fits in a 1x1x1 >)

so are you ok with the mads since they are vanilla now?
posted by Brooka 1 week ago
Royce, yeah if its in the game, its vanilla, so I'm cool with it.