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4 Speed Manual Transmission Gearbox Concept Proof

uploaded by XantrX 9 months ago

This is a 4-speed manual transmission I created. Controls are very simple. Press a number 1-4 for whichever gear you want to be selected, then press the number again to disengage the gear. The white gear is input, while the gold gear is output. The machine is jittery, but this is just a proof of concept and not the final design.

Gear Ratios:
1st Gear- 1:8
2nd Gear- 1:4
3rd Gear-4:1
4th Gear- 8:1
posted by Roycehellion 9 months ago
Can it handle a real load? that would be neat
posted by XantrX 8 months ago
@Roycehellion if you could hook it up to an engine, add a clutch pack and get everything together correctly i dont see why it wouldnt work