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Full-Adder (Mechanical Calculator)

uploaded by Henry 11 months ago

This is a simple* mechanical 3-bit computer that sums 2 3-bit binary numbers and outputs a single 4 bit binary number.
*Simple to operate

1. Press [Shift] to enter "panel"view. (Optional)
2. Input numbers using the 6 keys between the letter keys and numpad
[Insert][Home][PgUp] controls 1st number and [Del][End][PgDn] controls 2nd number.
[Insert] controls the digit at 2^2 position
[Home] controls the digit at 2^1 position
[PgUp] controls the digit at 2^0 position
Press the key once to set the value of the corresponding digit to 1 (default 0)
3. Press [Enter] to compute
4. Wait for all the balls to stop rolling (This will take a while, set timescale to 200% if you are impatient.)
5. Read result from panel. A result switch in up position indicates 1 and down indicates 0

To compute 3+6,
1. Convert to binary (11+110)
2. Input first number (Press [Home] and [PgUp])
3. Input second number (Press [Delete] and [End])
4. Compute (Press [Enter])
5. Wait
6. Read results. The left most and right most result switch (at the bottom of the panel) should be up while the 2 in the middle should be down, indicating 1001 as result.
7. Convert binary to decimal (1001=9 in decimal)
posted by Roycehellion 11 months ago
Dude...the fudge. this is nice. i was gonna make a much simpler binary version but this is too much fun to even try to upstage! good job.
good day to unretire :D