How do I use a .bsg file?


uploaded by HermitLoaf 11 months ago

WARTHING is the most random uncontrollable machine ever that uses cannons a missile flame throwers, blades and spinning sharp pizza cutters, what more can i do? hell this is mk1 who knows whats next. this thing needs to flip itself or you can drag it on to its blades as it uses them to balance itself like a badass and trys to flip itself to its standing position LIKE a badass. LEFT arrow and RIGHT arrow to controll the missile's trajectory C to shoot both cannons Y for flame thrower and V for dual Crossbows. further more Wind the ropes up with N at the start and watch itself look awesome this thing is just for aesthetics but hell is it a weapon of destruction when it wants to.
posted by HermitLoaf 11 months ago
NOTE:no skin included.